Christmas – one of Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons?

The Christmas season has a way of bringing back memories — and I have quite a bit of past from which to draw! Lately, I’ve been thinking about one of Heirloom Artists’ best Christmas card customers — Bill Hollingsworth and his wife Kay of Issaquah, Washington.

Bill was a minister and my wife Jean’s brother; Kay was a concert violinist. They had friends spread all over the country and overseas, so every year the Hollingsworth’s bought large quantities of Christmas cards from us. In turn, we gave them several original pieces of calligraphy as gifts.

A number of a years ago, when Kay was playing with the Northwest Chamber Orchestra Players in Seattle, the orchestra elected to add Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” to their program. Kay asked if we were interested in designing the CD jacket for the audio recording. We were. Jean, Heirloom Artists’ Art Director an artist in her own right, jumped in with her usual enthusiasm by sketching what four seasons might look like through a window. The text, of course, would be pure calligraphy. I might mention here that Jean and I met because of our mutual interest in classical music.

We did several renditions for the orchestra’s art director, and they made the final selection. As is often the case with artists and their artwork, we preferred our original, more colorful, concept to their more subtle rendition, and the final printing lacked the color punch we envisioned. However we enjoyed doing the project and are pleased to have a copy of the CD made from those performances.

Our original concept design:

Vivaldi draft

The final printed CD jacket:

Vivaldi final