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Vespers As For Me - Joshua 24:15 O God, When I Think of You - Psalm 83: 7-8 Each Man - 2 Corinthians 9:1 God So Loved The World - John 3:16 The Ten Commandments Did Not The Messiah Memorial for Cherry Marshall Amazing Grace And The Word Christmas Benediction Create In Me A Clean Heart Doing Good John Wesley’s Rule King of Kings Martin Luther Morning Martin Luther Evening Resurrection Sacristy Prayer Serenity Prayer Dad

Works for Sale

You can buy original artwork, prints, and frame prints by Clifford Mansley from the Shop. When shopping, you will be directed to daughter and 3rd generation calligrapher Holly Monroe’s online store. Click on the Clifford Mansley button along the top of the page to view categories. Click on any thumbnail to view details of the art. Click the green button to add to cart.